DZS GmbH, formerly KEYMILE, a leading manufacturer of data transmission systems, uses Projektron BCS across three development sites in Germany and Switzerland. Thanks to Projektron BCS, KEYMILE has a good overview of the time spent on individual processes and the available capacities of employees. Accurate time recording is important in order to use the resources in the projects in a target-oriented manner.  


Projektron BCS in use

DZS GmbH uses Projektron BCS for the following tasks:

  • Holiday management
  • Time recording


DZS is a global provider of state-of-the-art access, 5G transport and enterprise communications platforms. As a pioneer in disaggregated platforms, SDN and virtualization, over 1200 service providers, operators and enterprises in over 120 countries rely on DZS' innovation, open solutions and agility. With manufacturing, engineering, service and support centers of excellence around the world, DZS is positioned to deliver next-generation technologies and world-class solutions to service providers and enterprises.



In 2008, we at DZS decided to support development-related activities with a project management toolproject management tool. This step was driven by the requirement to achieve more transparency in resource utilization and project controlling. Projektron BCS was chosen because it is a mature product with a wide range of functions. Projektron BCS offers a tailored view for all employees of their projects and tasks through the right selection of roles and licenses.

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