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Bidirectional synchronization between Projektron BCS

You work with IBM Lotus Notes and Domino? Projektron BCS does too – even with bidirectional synchronization

  • Projektron BCS appointments synchronized with IBM Lotus Notes
  • Nahezu jede Auswertung als CSV-Datei verfügbar

HCL Domino

Interface performance

The interface between Projektron BCS and HCL Domino provides you with the following possibilities for bidirectional synchronization:

  • Synchronisation of appointments between Projektron BCS and the HCL Notes standard calendar
  • Appointmentswhich Projektron BCS transfers from HCL​​​​​​​ Domino are automatically considered by Projektron BCS when it comes to resource loads as well as in Projektron BCS timesheets

Program information

With HCL Domino, you can organise data within networks, for example, for the management of documents, e-mails and appointments.

HCL Notes Calendar

Interface performance

In addition to the HCL Domino interface, Projektron BCS provides you with other possibilities for transmitting data into the HCL Notes Calendar:

  • Export of Projektron BCS appointments in the standard iCalendar (ICS) format
  • Deployment of the Projektron BCS calendar via subscriptions

Program information

With the HCL Notes Calendar, you can organise personal appointments, tasks and notes.

In order to show information from other calendars, you can import data in the standard iCalendar format or subscribe to other calendars. In contrast to imported data, the subscribed calendars are automatically updated.

Logs and exchange formats

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