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Projektron BCS 7.26

Baselines in Projektron BCS 7.26 now contain, along with the structure data, effort and team planning – making it easy to compare changes between two baselines. Resource management features a new evaluation to record the past, the present and the future at a glance.

  • Reduced, modern design in charts
  • Locked page header for reduced click paths
  • A preview image directly shows the master data for file attachments
  • Effort and team planning can be restored along with the structure data
  • Evaluate project assignments in detail
  • Simple: Prices maintainable for all currencies required on an article type

Baseline now features effort and team planning

Including easy restoring

Baselines now provide project managers with a greater number of options for running through different planning scenarios. To do so, the baselines in the new 7.26 version from Projektron BCS not only store the project structure and scheduling, but also the effort and team planning.

The team planning not only stores the project employees, but also the assignment types, for example project manager or employee, and, to the extent available, their functions. Additionally, the planning efforts for every assignment are also recorded.

The simple restoring of a baseline is easily accomplished. You can use an option to decide if only the scheduling or also the effort and team planning is to be restored. A combination of the restore options provides project managers even greater ease of planning.

The new Compare view in Projektron BCS 7.26 also provides a tabular comparison of two baselines. Changes between the planning statuses, for example in the team planning, are highlighted in color.

This function is also contained in BCS.start.

Effort and team planning can be restored along with the structure data
Tabular comparison of two baselines

Resource Management: New evaluation for project managers and department heads

Past, present and future at a glance

Using the new evaluations in the Projektron BCS Employee/Period view, those responsible for personnel can identify any undesired developments and their causes quickly and initiate countermeasures in a timely manner.

Whether for the project team or the department: a matrix in Projektron BCS 7.26 brings together target data and actual data from the past and present as well as forecasts. Deviations from plans, free capacities and capacity bottlenecks are highlighted in color.

Detailed evaluations are also possible: projects, work packages and tasks can be displayed per employee, which show what the employee worked on, is working on or is to work on in the future.

Evaluation of plan values and actual values

The previous Projektron BCS view Employee/Period view made it possible to evaluate the the employees' actual times. The new view also allows displaying the plan values. The difference between the plan values and the actual values will be displayed in a separate column.

This makes it possible for those responsible for personnel to quickly identify if the original plan matches the booked times and, if not, which projects were alternatively worked on or are currently being worked on.

Comparison of effort planning and capacities

The values highlighted in color in the Free Capacities column show if everything will be in order in the future or if capacity bottlenecks are likely to occur.

For this, Projektron BCS determines the employees' free capacities based on planned project assignments, agreed working hours and other crucial influencing factors such as baseline loads from daily business, leaves and illness-related absences.

Right next to the free capacities, Projektron BCS 7.26 displays the planned efforts including project and task assignment, if desired. Those responsible for personnel can therefore identify the reasons for possible capacity bottlenecks or idle times before they occur.

This function is also contained in BCS.start.

Evaluate project assignments in detail
Identify free capacities at a glance
Customize evaluation focus
Display detail information on capacity bottlenecks
Easily identify deviations from plan

Additional interface customizations and improved controls

Locked page header, simple file management and modernized charts

The version 7.26 of the project management software Projektron BCS once again focuses on the improvement of interfaces and controls.

The locked page header is particularly useful for long structure trees and views and features the quick return to the top of the page or switching to open tabs. Important controls are locked during scrolling and thus constantly available which significantly reduces click paths. Furthermore, it is always apparent where the user is currently at in the project structure.

Also new is the simplified depiction of file attachments, for example directly in the master data of tickets. Attached files can either be seen via a preview image for image files or via a reference to the file format.

In addition, evaluation charts have been revised and now present themselves appropriately to their counterparts in the project overview. The simplified depiction with reduced modern design helps project managers to keep hold of the big picture.

This function is also contained in BCS.start.

Locked page header for reduced click paths
A preview image directly shows the master data for file attachments
Reduced, modern design in charts

Central management of currency types for article types and function rates

Convert all article type prices and function rates in foreign currencies

Projektron BCS 7.26 simplifies working with customer and project currencies. Comparable with different language versions, the prices for article types and external function rates can be maintained in the appropriate foreign currencies: you maintain each data record only once for all currencies regardless of how many foreign currencies you require. This saves time when creating and maintaining rate changes.

If you store prices for article types or functions, Projektron BCS 7.26 will handle the conversion in all relevant currencies, if desired. In doing so, Projektron BCS 7.26 can draw on the centrally maintained exchange rates or use the prices valid during the prior period – it's up to you.

Whether centrally or for a customer: once created, the functions will be reused like a template in your projects. Projektron BCS 7.26 then automatically takes into account the prices as stored in the project currency.

Whether centrally or customized for a project: once created, all article type prices for creating quotations and material cost planning will be provided in the project currency.

Furthermore, you can manually revise the automatically converted function rates and article type prices – centrally, on the customer or on the project.

The extended overviews for functions and article types make retention easy: By default, Projectron BCS 7.26 lists all article type prices and function rates in all currencies for which they have been created. You can use a new filter to decide which currencies you want to have the article types or functions displayed in. This makes it possible, for example in case of price changes in the USA, to control and edit all article types with prices in US dollars as per the deadline date.

This function is not contained in BCS.start.

Appropriate: Article types can be filtered by currency
Simple: Prices maintainable for all currencies required on an article type
Efficient: Article type price for multiple currencies can be created all at once
Hourly and daily rates can be maintained in the same way.

Visible: Improved GUI elements for the Projektron BCS interface

Working conveniently

The version 7.22 of the project management software Projektron BCS contains improved controls. Buttons used for processing are now highlighted in blue and their designations are context-sensitive. So even those new to Projektron BCS know what they can edit in the respective view. For example, the Edit button is now entitled Assign Team in the Team Planning view or Plan the Deployment of Employees in the Work Schedule view.

Additionally: If you make any changes to the contents of a view, the relevant buttons, for example Save, are automatically highlighted once the entry is completed. Here you can immediately see that an entry is required.

The new menu for displaying an object in tree views offers you additional convenience. Here, there is the option to expand subtrees as you like or directly switch to additional views of the respective level. This makes it possible for you to accomplish your goals quicker.

This function is also contained in BCS.start.

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