Telephone systems (CTI)

Call at the click of a mouse

Via our interface with the TeamCall Middleware from ilink, we connect Projektron BCS to your telephone.

  • Well prepared: Before answering the call, get the most important information
  • Information about the caller is displayed directly in BCS
  • Enhanced telephone: Clicking on the number and the connection is established
  • Practical: Already Post a call note during a conversation
  • Plenty of space for information: The call note directly in Projektron BCS

Interface performance

The interface between Projektron BCS and the TeamCall Middleware provides you with the following possibilities:

  • Call connection set-up with the click of a mouse on a telephone number deposited in Projektron BCS
  • Display of incoming calls in Projektron BCS
  • Simple retrieval of names and contact information during the call
  • Simple entry of notes regarding the call during the conversation

Program information

The TeamCall Middleware from ilink monitors your telephone system and redirects incoming calls to Projektron BCS. Moreover, Projektron BCS can control your telephone system via the TeamCall Middleware.

As a server installation, the TeamCall Middleware directly communicates with your Projektron BCS server. You do not need any additional applications for computer telephony on client computers.


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