Time recording

Ergonomic. Transparent. Efficient.

Record working hours for each project and task: Quick and simple time recording with the ergonomic booking entry forms in Projektron BCS and the Projektron BCS web application – even on your smartphone.

Precise assignment of tasks and projects

Efficiently booked

With Projektron BCS, your employees book their time spent directly to the corresponding tasks. This way activities are efficiently documented and can simply and conveniently be included in invoices. In addition to tickets, workflows, Scrum elements and appointments, tasks can be saved to persons, so that your employees can make direct bookings to the person.

Thanks to the fact that tasks can be composed individually, employees only see the tasks relevant for them in the time recording view. This allows for a smooth and quick booking procedure.


Other functions in time recording

Ergonomic booking masks

Book in line with your needs

Projektron BCS attaches great importance to ergonomically efficient time recording and seamlessly integrates itself into different working processes with different booking masks.

If your work consists of large tasks that need a lot of documentation, the Projektron BCS individual booking mask is particularly convenient thanks to its ample space for documentation.

If only a few comments are necessary, complete working weeks can be conveniently presented in the weekly booking mask.

Many different tasks and appointments on the same day? The daily booking mask conveniently shows everything on one page. Even tickets and scrum activities can be shown.

Use the built-in stopwatch to see exactly how long you needed to process the task and what you can invoice the customer. The stopwatch is available in all Projektron BCS views, so you can book quickly and exactly to the right tasks.

There are many ways to book your tasks, so simply define your preference. One block shows you the last booked tasks to allow you to quickly book any subsequent work.

Or simply define your booking favorites yourself - on those you can book quickly and conveniently directly in the stopwatch. Using the search function in the day booking entry form, you can either enter the desired task for a booking directly or you can conveniently select the task by entering the project, ticket or customer.

Processing status and remaining time required

Simply communicated

In addition to booking completed jobs, employees can also make estimates for the remaining time required. With this information, project managers can keep an eye on current processing statuses and trends, and they can quickly recognize deviations from plans and take appropriate measures if necessary.

Project controlling

Working hours account

Professional management

Whether full time, part time or hourly accountsparental leaves or sabbaticals: Projektron BCS lets personnel managers create working hours models easily and conveniently, which serve as the basis for your employees' working hours accounts.

Projektron BCS matches the booked working hours on the working hours account with the target hours and determines the amount of overtime automatically.

If an employee closes his or her working hours account – at the end of the month, for instance – then he or she can simply indicate whether or not the overtime should be paid out and, if so, how much of it. The employee can also choose to transfer the overtime to the next month. You decide which options are available to each individual employee.

Resource management

Working hours evaluation

Keeping an eye on time

How many working hours have I accumulated this month? How many leave days can I still use? The working hours evaluation answers these and similar questions by providing the employees with graphical evaluations and clear reports.

Personnel managers also have access to detailed working hours evaluations in Projektron BCS. The project management software informs you about attendances, rest periods, breaks, sick-leave days and leave for both individual employees and entire departments. A balance indicator shows discrepancies between actual working hours and target working hours.

Resource management

Dieter Schmidt-Bätz

Head of Project Management with Herkules-Resotec Elektronik GmbH, Electrical Engineering

Time recording is designed so simply that even our interns can book their hours using the system after just a few minutes of explanation. And since Projektron BCS is web-based, our employees can even access the system at home without any problems.

Christian Schwab

Executive partner with ETECTURE GmbH, Information Technology (IT)

Many employees see time recording as an unpleasant task that they don't want to spend a lot of time on. Projektron BCS has found a good solution for this: All necessary information can be entered on just one, very quickly accessible page. The actual activity is selected from a tree structure and remarks can be entered directly next to it. This is how bookings are quickly made - and for those who want to save even more time, there's a stopwatch function which automatically records how long an activity took. Now the only thing that has to be manually selected is the activity itself.

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