Women to the top

Promoting potential

The goals of the “Frauen an die Spitze” (women to the top) initiative of the Senate Department for Labour, Integration and Women's Issues in Berlin and the IHK Berlin reflect our company values. For this reason, we support the campaign.

Projektron is one of the signatories of the “Frauen an die Spitze” campaign which is aimed at making the potentials of qualified women transparent for companies and supporting the increase of the number of women in leadership positions in companies in Berlin.

It offers the framework to present exemplary companies which are committed to implementing company goals such as equality, equal opportunities and the promotion of women. The spreading of effective measures may improve career opportunities for women.

The possibilities are presented, among other things, in workshops and during company visits by means of best-practice examples.

Internet presence of the "Frauen an die Spitze" campaign

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