Social commitment

We are committed to social projects on both a local and an international level.

As a family-friendly company, we are particularly passionate about providing support for children and young people.

Europa-Schule: Unterrichtsmaterial für „las clases de español“

Europe school: Teaching material for “las clases de español”

Cross-cultural education and bilingual classes are a top priority in the Hausburgschule in Berlin-Friedrichshain. First-grade students from about 30 nations learn together – in Spanish and German. At the beginning of the school year 2012/2013, Projektron supported the multicultural elementary school with teaching materials compiled by the teacher specifically for her fourth-grade Spanish classes.

Internet presence of the Hausburgschule – public Europe school Berlin

Initiative Flip4kids

Initiative Flip4Kids: For kids in the neighborhood

Flip4Kids is an initiative that was developed by a group of independent coaches and advisors. Every year they select a social project which they support financially. For example the Reppinichen Osterreise (Easter trip to Reppinichen) that makes vacation in the country side possible for children, even when their families do not have the financial resources for such a trip. Projektron has been supporting this initiative since 2010.

Internet presence of the initiative Flip4Kids in German

Kreuzberger Schüler im Einsatz für die Langen Tafeln

Lange Tafel: All at one table

No matter where they come from - no matter how old they are: Every year, pupils from Kreuzberg serve spaghetti for all those who take a seat at the 200-meter-long table in the Bergmannstraße. Eating together brings young and old together in the neighborhood of Kreuzberg and contributes to the exchange between generations. Projektron has been supporting this inventive arts project with an integrative effect since 2007.

Internet presence of the Lange Tafel in German

Logo des Bezirkselternausschusses BEAK

BEAK: Volunteer work for daycare centers (Kitas)

Families in the Kreuzberg neighborhood are supported by Projektron in a very special way. The Projektron web specialists programmed the Internet presence of the district's parent association for daycare center and took care of its maintenance until 2012.

Internet presence of BEAK in German

E-Jugend des SV Aislingen

SV Aislingen: New jerseys for the football youth

With new jerseys for the age class E of the youth of the SV Aislingen playing in the Bavarian eighth division, Projektron first became committed to young people in the surroundings of Projektron's Munich site in 2011. In particular the social aspects of youth sport such as team spirit and the development of competences encouraged Projektron to become involved with the football youth..

Computerraum der St. Monica Girls School in Cape Coast, Ghana

St. Monica Girls School Ghana: hardware for school computers

In 2010, one of our employees worked as a teacher at the St. Monica Girls School in Cape Coast, Ghana during a sabbatical. St. Monica is one of the few public schools in Ghana that provides a computer room to its pupils. We are happy that we could make a contribution to the improvement of the learning conditions. The necessary printers and hardware for networking were procured and installed on site.

Der neue Drucker im Einsatz beim CdE

Printers for the PfingstAkademie

The Club der Ehemaligen der Deutschen SchülerAkademien e. V. (CdE; German alumni association) organizes different classes as well as leisure time and cultural activities for its 350 members – mainly pupils, students and young professionals. This also includes the event PfingstAkademie where many new things can be discovered and learned in 20 classes. With the purchase of a laser printer for the CdE, we gladly contribute to the smooth organization and realization of the cultural and scientific offerings.

Internet presence of the CdE in German

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