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Even if awards are not of overriding importance, they still show that we are on the right track with Projektron and our project management software Projektron BCS.

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Auszeichnung Great Place To Work Bester Arbeitgeber Information & Telekommunikation 2017

Best Employer in ICT 2017: 3rd place for Projektron

The software manufacturer Projektron came in 3rd in the “Best Employers in ICT 2017” competition sponsored by the Great Place to Work Institute in the category for companies with 50-100 employees and is thus one of the best employers in the ICT industry. In all, 126 companies in 5 size categories participated. This is the third award Projektron has received as part of the Great Place to Work 2017 competition.

Projektron honored as an attractive employer in the IT sector

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Auszeichnung Great Place To Work Bester Arbeitgeber Deutschland 2017

Germany's best employers 2017: Projektron is no. 12

The Berlin-based Projektron GmbH placed 12th in the size category of 50-500 employees in the Germany-wide “Germany’s Best Employers 2017” competition sponsored by the Great Place to Work Institute. Over 50% of the 700 participating companies from all sectors, sizes and regions fell into this size category. The independent research institute previously honored Projektron as one of Germany’s best employers in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Projektron once again among Germany’s best employers

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Auszeichnung Great Place To Work Bester Arbeitgeber Berlin Brandenburg 2017

Best employer in Berlin-Brandenburg 2017: 1st place for Projektron

2017 marked the fourth time that Projektron took 1st place in the “Best Employer in Berlin-Brandenburg” competition in the size category of 50-250 employees. The independent research and consulting institute Great Place to Work regularly determines excellent employers based on national, regional and industry-specific benchmark studies.

Projektron decided to skip the 2016 competition after the software house had emerged victorious from the regional and cross-sector competition in 2013, 2014 and 2015. 2017 marks the follow-up to the previous successes.

Projektron once again comes in 1st in the "Best Employer in Berlin-Brandenburg" competition

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BPA2015 Logo Zertifikatsträger

BestPersAward 2016: Sustainable personnel management

Every two years, the Institut für Managementkompetenz (imk) of Saarland University honors medium-sized companies with high-quality personnel management. 2016 was the third year in which Projektron received the certificate. Projektron won first place in the categories strategy and vision, generation management and personnel development and second place in the overall ranking.

Projektron was once again honored with the BestPersAward for exemplary personnel management (in German)

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Ct project management

SERVIEW CERTIFIEDTOOL: Proven conformity of methods

Independent management consultation of the SERVIEW GmbH honors software solutions in service and project management using the internationally accepted ITIL and PRINCE standards with the SERVIEW CERTIFIEDTOOL seal of quality. Projektron BCS verifiable fulfills the requirements of over 600 assessment criteria; SERVIEW confirms PRINCE2-conform implementation of project management processes.

SERVIEW bestätigt PRINCE2-Prozesskonformität der Projektmanagement-Software ProjektroSERVIEW confirms PRINCE2 process conformity of the Projektron BCS project management software (in German)

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Auszeichnung 2016 unternehmen fuer familie logo 01

Unternehmen für Familie 2016: Excellent workplace culture

The Berliner Beirat für Familienfragen (advisory council for family matters), the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) Berlin, the Handwerkskammer Berlin (Chamber of Crafts), the German Federation of Trade Unions (DGB) district Berlin-Brandenburg and the business associations Berlin-Brandenburg honor family-friendly companies with the title “Unternehmen für Familie” (company for family). Projektron was named the most family friendly company in the category for 21 to 250 employees.

Projektron was honored for reconciliation of family and professional life (in German)

Internet presence of the Berliner Beirat für Familienfragen


tekom-Dokupreis: Excellent instructions

The largest European professional association for technical communication, tekom, honors excellent operating instructions and online assistance with its Dokupreis. The Projektron editors received the prestigious award for the third time after 2010 and 2102. The 2015 award was presented for the instruction manual "User interface and navigation Projektron BCS 7.20."

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E-Quality-Diversity 4c RGB transparent

TOTAL E-QUALITY: Award in the field of human resources

Projektron received the TOTAL E-QUALITY award again in 2015. The Berlin software company established that its efforts in the field of equal opportunities are sustainable and that further progress had been made. Furthermore, Projektron received the first-ever additional distinction for diversity. The award presented by the German association TOTAL E-QUALITY is valid for three years.

Internet presence of TOTAL E-QUALITY


Best Places to Work in ICT 2015: Projektron takes seventh place

Projektron took place 7 in the cross-regional and sector-wide ranking “Best Places to Work in ICT 2015” in the category for companies with 50-100 employees. This is the third award Projektron has received in this year from the Great Place to Work Institute.

Great Place to Work website

GPt W Deutschland 2015signe

Best Places to Work in Germany 2015: Projektron reaches place 15

In the nationwide competition „Best Places to Work in Germany 2015“ of the Great Place to Work institute, Projektron has reached place 15 in the category for companies with 50-500 employees. The award recognizes extraordinary commitment to creating an employee-friendly workplace culture. Already in 2013 and 2014, the independent research institute honored Projektron as one of Germany’s best employers.

Great Place to Work website

Logo GPTW BABB 2015

Best employer in Berlin-Brandenburg 2015: Projektron is no. 1

Projektron has been awarded first place in the cross-regional and cross-sector “Best employers in Berlin-Brandenburg 2015” competition for the third year in a row. The software company was awarded the prize in the category for companies with 50 to 250 employees by the independent research and consulting institute Great Place to Work.

Great Place to Work website

logo uni potsdam

University of Potsdam: Bachelor's thesis at Projektron receives honors

Projektron employee Simone Dümchen received an award from the University of Potsdam for her bachelor's thesis. She wrote the best bachelor's thesis on project management in 2014. The topic of her bachelor's thesis: Development of a concept for personnel controlling in standard business software using the example of Projektron BCS.

Software Made in Germany

Software Made in Germany: Projektron BCS 7 honored

The German Association of IT SME (Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand e.V.) awards the seal of approval Software Made in Germany to high quality software: The software is convincing in its practicality, superior quality, high investment security, and German service. The Projektron GmbH has been certified for the product Projektron BCS thrice in a row, in 2012, 2013 and 2014.


Best Places to Work in ICT 2014: Projektron comes in second

Projektron has reached the second place at the national Great Place to Work competition „Best Places to Work in ICT 2014“ in the category for companies with 50-100 employees. It is the second time Projektron has been honored by the independent research and management consultancy "Great Place to Work". The company received an award already in 2013.

Web site of Great Place to Work

140114 EBA Ruban d Honneur 2013-14

European Business Award 2013/2014: One of Europe’s top ten employers

In 2013, Projektron participated in the European Business Awards (EBA) and was honored as one of Europe’s top ten companies in the category “Employer of the Year 2013/2014”. Within the competition, Projektron has been awarded the title Ruban d’Honneur and thus belongs to Europe’s 100 most innovative companies.

Web site of European Business Award


European Business Awards: Projektron named as National Champion

Projektron has been selected as one of Germany’s top 25 companies competing for the European Business Award (EBA) 2013/2014. Because of its excellence as an employer, Projektron has received the “National Champion” title in the “Employer of the Year” category. Since 2007, the EBA has awarded a prize to outstanding companies in all countries of the European Union.

Internet presence of European Business Award

bestperszertifikat 2013 signet

BestPersAward 2012/2013: Personnel work remains excellent

Every second year, the Institute for Management Competence (imk) of the Saarland University awards the BestPersZertifikat for high-quality personnel work. First honored in 2011, Projektron was now awarded the BestPersZertifikat again in the Diversity, Family-friendliness, Sustainability and Computerization categories.


Best Places to Work in IT 2013: Excellent Quality of Work

Great Place to Work is an independent research and management consultancy. Within the context of national, regional and branch-specific benchmark researches, it regularly identifies great workplaces. Projektron is among the winners of the Great Place to Work competition “Best Places to Work in IT 2013” and has taken the fifth place in the nationwide ranking list

Internet presence of Great Place to Work

ERP-System des Jahres 2012

ERP System of the Year 2012: Projektron BCS 7 wins

The Center for Enterprise Research at the University of Potsdam and the trade publication ERP Management honor outstanding company software with their ERP-system of the year award. Projektron received the award in the category ERP for Service Providers at the ERP Congress 2012. 


tekom-Dokupreis: Excellent instructions

With the tekom-Dokupreis, Europe's largest professional association for technical communication and international information development – tekom – honors excellent operating instructions and online assistance. The Projektron editors received the tekom-Dokupreis for a second time in 2012, after receiving the award in 2010, this time for the manual on project preparation with Projektron BCS.

Internet presence of tekom


Innovationspreis IT: Projektron BCS 7 honored

The Initiative Mittelstand honors the best IT innovations for medium-sized companies. The Version 7.0 of Projektron BCS was included in the "Best of" list in the category ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning at the Innovationspreis IT 2012 for its new interface and expanded functional scope.

tekom intro

tekom intro: First place for innovative online help concept

With the student innovation award intro, the German professional association for technical communication – tekom – honors future-oriented information products. The 2012 award winners were chosen by members of the association in an online voting; preceded by a preselection through an expert jury. The concept for the "online help of the future" by the Projektron student trainees Eva-Maria Meier and Jan Oevermann was voted number one by a wide margin.

Website Award 2012 Berlin-Brandenburg

Website award Berlin-Brandenburg: Among the top 10

The Netzwerk Elektronischer Geschäftsverkehr (NEG, Electronic Commerce Network) Berlin-Brandenburg annually honors the best websites of small and medium-sized businesses in the region. Apart from design, accessibility and usability, the jury attaches importance to the site's legal conformity. In 2012, Projektron participated in the competition and was nominated for the award as one of the 10 best Berlin websites.

ERP-System des Jahres 2011

ERP system of the year 2011: Projektron BCS nominated

An independent jury consisting of experts from the fields of science, consulting and media annually honors an ERP system of the year. The competition is organized by the magazine ERP Management and the Center for Enterprise Research (CER) of the University of Potsdam. Projektron BCS is nominated for the award ERP system of the year 2011 in the category Services.

BestPersAward 2011

BestPersAward: BestPersZertifikat for high-quality personnel work

The BestPersZertifikat is a seal of quality which honors exemplary personnel work. It is awarded as part of the BestPersAward, a competition for the best personnel work in medium-sized companies, and is organized by the Institute for Management Competence (imk) of the Saarland University. Projektron was rewarded the BestPersZertifikat and is the winner of the Diversity of the BestPersAward category in 2011.

E-Quality 4c RGB

TOTAL-E-QUALITY: Award for the Projektron personnel management

The association TOTAL E-QUALITY Germany annually honors companies and public institutions which successfully and sustainably commit themselves to equal opportunities for women and men at work. In 2011, Projektron GmbH was honored with the TOTAL E-QUALITY award for its equal opportunities and family-friendly personnel policy.

Internet presence of TOTAL E-QUALITY

Top IT-Lösung 2011

Top IT solution: Projektron BCS in the IT best of list

The annually published Best of IT list in medium-sized businesses is regarded as the standard for IT decision makers and includes all software solutions which have been honored by the Initiative Mittelstand that same year. Projektron BCS was again honored for the Innovationspreis 2011 as a particularly qualified product and was thus included in the list as a Top IT solution.

tekom dokupreis 2010

tekom-Dokupreis: Excellent manuals

With the tekom-Dokupreis (tekom Documentation Award), the German professional association for technical communication – tekom – honors excellent user manuals and online help. In 2010, the manual for the Projektron BCS time recording was among the best and received the coveted tekom-Dokupreis.

Internet presence of tekom

Innovationspreis 2007 Auszeichnung ERP

Innovationspreis: The product innovation Projektron BCS

The Initiative Mittelstand honors the best IT innovations for medium-sized companies with the Innovationspreis. In 2007, more than 1,000 companies applied in a total of 33 categories of the Initiative Mittelstand. Projektron BCS was honored as an innovative product in the category ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning.

Wachstumskerne Unternehmensregion

Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF):
Projektron in the innovative regional growth core

The BMBF supports companies, universities and research institutes which jointly establish a special technology platform or possess the corresponding potential for development. As a member of the research group PINK for the development of a platform for intelligent collaboration portals, Projektron was included in the support program innovative regional growth cores (Innovative regionale Wachstumskerne) for three years in 2004.

Internet presence of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Gründerpartner für Berlin

Gruender Partner for Berlin: Young, successful - selected

Since 2000, the association Partner fuer Berlin accepts ten new technology-oriented companies from Berlin as founder partners. The founder partners 2003 were selected by a jury which among others consists of banks, auditors, the Berlin institute for entrepreneurs as well as the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK). Projektron was among those selected.

Bundesverband Junger Unternehmer (BJU)

Award of the Bundesverband Junger Unternehmer (BJU, Federal Association of Young Entrepreneurs):
Outstanding young company

Within the frame of the founder workshop competition 2001/2002, the BJU honored companies that achieved their defined quantitative goals. The company success of Projektron in part even exceeded our own expectations. In the federal competition in which 70 teams took part, Projektron was honored as the second best company.

Gründerwettbewerb Multimedia

Winner of the start-up competition:
Product idea and realization honored

Every year, the Federal Ministry for Economics and Technology honors start-up ideas with high market potential which at the same time are innovative and feasible. Among 220 start-up ideas, the product idea for Projektron BCS and its implementation was honored as one of the best in 2002. The former Federal Minister of Economics Dr. Werner Müller conferred the award.

Internet World Award 2001 für die beste Anwendung

Internet World Award: The best application - Projektron BCS

At the specialist trade fair Internet World, a jury consisting of experts acknowledged industry-wide annually award the coveted Internet World Awards. Among almost 1,000 exhibitors, Projektron BCS received the Internet World Award 2001 in the category Best Application.

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