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KCW specialises in providing consultancy services for public transport issues. When implementing Projektron BCS, for KCW it was very important that the system adapted to the processes in the company - and not the other way round.

KCW – the company where I work– is one of the leading management and strategy consultancy firms for the public sector. As specialists for regional and nationwide transportation, our core business is providing extensive consultancy services on the diverse issues. We also advise on general interest issues, e.g the environment, supply or disposal, and assurance of financeable infrastructure. Our companies are mostly municipalities, public sector service providers, local transport authorities and ministries. We work in Germany and also in many other European countries.

We provide operative and strategic support to our customers. For instance, we are active in bidding processes, we develop sustainable models for the management of public transport or draw up price and financing concepts for vehicles and public infrastructure. KCW has grown strongly since 2003, when we were officially formed. We currently have 40 employees on our books. We also have an active network which allows us to cover the complexity and diversity of projects along the wide spectrum of consultancy.

Our consultancy jobs differ widely: In addition to short-term contracts, we also have project cycles lasting a year and upwards. The teams are established as per the contract, time is alternately spent on-site and in the office. This means particular challenges for our project planning and for the entry of work times and expenditures. Project management software also needs to be able to consider what we need to help us with our work.

KCW ist spezialisiert auf Beratungsleistungen in Sachen öffentlicher Verkehr.

Projektron BCS seemed to be able to do that. For this reason in 2007 we decided to implement it. Due to the wealth of possibilities offered by BCS, we implemented the system into our processes step by step. We began with time management and the basic modelling of the projects in the system in order to make it easier to keep a track of our work. We have also had BCS adapted to our existing processes to make it easier for our employees to get used to the system. Another important aspect for us was initial training: half a day of instruction in small groups plus separate support in the event of problems usually proved adequate. I taught most employees myself how to use the system.

In the meantime we have been working with Projektron BCS for three years and have never had cause to regret our decision. Now, we also use the system for many other work processes, especially for our project controlling, for documentation of our efforts towards customers, for our monthly booking closures, for managing our employee‘s holidays and overtime, and for our contact management. What we really appreciate about Projektron BCS is that this software has made our work more efficient in many areas. For example, project data in BCS can now be managed centrally and is no longer collated at several locations in parallel. This means that all project participants are automatically at the same information state, projects can be analysed with little effort after completion.

The system‘s flexible rights management ensures that changes can only be made by persons with responsibility for the relevant area. Communication with the support team at Projektron GmbH runs very efficiently without fuss thanks to the company‘s ticket system. What we also liked was how flexibly Projektron operates: Projektron is open to modifications we came up with and implements them usually quickly. KCW is growing and our consultancy fields are continuously changing and expanding. We are convinced that BCS will also be able to adapt to the coming challenges in the future. Just like KCW.

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Branche: Beratungsunternehmen
Kunde seit: 2007
Anwender: 50

Meistgenutzte Funktionen:

  • Kundenmanagement (CRM)
  • Projektcontrolling
  • Projektplanung
  • Urlaubsmanagement

Autorin: Elisabeth Kracker
Stand: 12/2010

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