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Anwenderbericht von 3Dimerce BV is a fore-runner in the market of high quality 3D product visualizations, specializing in custom content creation projects for manufacturers and resellers of products of any kind. We use Projektron BCS to manage all our projects large and small, across a wide variety of disciplines. is all about your product. All marketing efforts aim to promote the product, so it is essential that the product is represented at its very best, and consistently so. Using our own OneShot® 3D technology, we can create photos, animations and videos for any marketing application.

Applications range from full service interactive online product experiences to Product configurators, and also include Augmented Reality and 3DTV. We can also cooperate with agencies in charge of specific marketing campaigns, to provide the images and animations they need for the creation of websites or TV commercials.

By creating all marketing materials from a OneShot® SOURCE, we can ensure the product is always shown in the same consistent high quality and in compliance with product image and brand guidelines. Not to mention the substantial cost savings that also result from streamlining content creation this way!

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Because of the wide range of applications and cooperations, our projects are very diverse in content, team structure and duration, and it is important to keep track of progress and budgets. Years ago, when our company started growing and projects and project teams grew ever bigger, we started looking for an upgrade from our simple time recording software to a project management tool that we could easily transfer to and that provided room for growth in the future.

Ever since, we have been using more and more of the functionalities of Projektron BCS as our company grows both in number of employees as well as in size and complexity of our projects. We have chosen Projektron BCS because the software provides all the functionalities we may ever need, but still allowed us to start small and at low cost, and upgrade our licenses when the need arose.

We have always received quick and personal support where required. Employees use basic Time Recording and Booking Closure, but also manage the projects they work on with the Task Chart and Estimations of Remaining Time. We use the Calendar to register holidays and sick days. The employee license gives a good overview of relevant project information so everyone can monitor their own status and progress. The customisation options, that recently became even more extensive, allow every user to tailor each view to his or her personal preferences and needs for a smooth and efficient workflow. The help functionality of Projektron BCS also deserves mention, as it is very expansive and also available in English.

In project management we use Budget Planning, Team Planning, Effort Planning, Function Rates, project monitoring, and also Leave Management and leave budgets. I personally use the Reports and csv export functions to create reports for our Management Team meetings. Our use of Projektron BCS keeps expanding as our teams, project size and project management needs keep growing. With Projektron BCS we are always ready for any future challenges.

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